Mark Soltero

Visual Artist

Cinématic Forms
of Light & Shadow

Using a combination of reflective metallic paints and dense light-absorbing black, these shapes are the result of mining the interiors of particular cinéma spaces, slicing through the layers of the light and shadow in the image like an onion, revealing fragmentary patterns. The patterns are abstract but they were absolutely real at a particular point in time.  

The work rewards different viewpoints – as one moves around to view the work from different angles the light reflecting from the metalic paint shimmers and appears to subtly change colour. 

All works are framed in a deep black box moulding made in NZ. The paintings are acrylic on panel and are floated on a matt black panel set into the frame sans glazing.

Exhibited at Chambers Art Gallery; March 2021 & Artspace, Tekapo 2021/22