Mark Soltero

Visual Artist
Exhibition held at Chambers Art Gallery, March, 2023

Text by Reah Somerville –

“...Soltero separates the light and dark, mirroring and projecting the results to create an image which is inherently Rorschachian in its effect.

Rorschach prints allow one’s own experiences to influence what they see, a theme evident in Soltero’s paintings. Without being aware of the inspiration behind one of Mark’s paintings a viewer may only be able to pick out the shape of an image which is formed through their own lived experiences. Mark presents the opportunity for the viewer’s past to reflect within the positive and negative space of his paintings, forming a subconscious link between the painting and their memories, allowing past and present to collide in the current moment.

The paintings themselves materialise moments of metaphysical impact, which can change constantly depending on the experiences that any one person has had.”